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Playing in the field at Keystone German Shepherds

Supplies & Nutritional
Supplements - Continued:

We sell puppy shots and adult shots for a fraction of the cost of going to a veterinarian clinic. Our vaccines are always fresh and up to date. For example, we were one of the first kennels to receive the new vaccines that protect against the new strain of Canine parvovirus type 2 ( CPV-2).

Since we are not veterinarians it is illegal in Oklahoma for us to administer shots to dogs not owned or co-owned by us. Our vaccines are easily administered intramuscularly by injecting the needle quickly into the meaty part of the rear hip. We usually have an assistant hold the puppy in the air with the rear leg hanging loosely (relaxed) and the puppy does not even know it has received an inoculation. For rabies shots, we administer these subcutaneous by grabbing the loose skin on the back and injecting just under the skin.

Grooming :
We offer a full service grooming. We offer a spa service, which includes a deep shampoo, blown dry with a commercial dog dryer, which removes all the loose hair, and nails trimmed for $27.95. We also clips nails for $5.00.

Heidelberg's German Shepherd Playing after the Dog Show
Heidelberg head shot at Keystone German Shepherds Late March Storm at Keystone German Shepherds
German Shepherd Dog Puppies having fun at Keystone German Shepherds Puppies at Keystone German Shepherds
Champion Heidleberg's Kelsey Queridad being a puppy Keystone German shepherd Dog relaxing at home