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Ashley and Remington reunited Keystone German Shepherds

Continued - Part3:
The wormers that we use are non-prescription wormers. Our heartworm medicine is liquid Ivermectin, the exact same active ingredient used to make Heartgard heartworm medicine. Ivermectin is sold over the counter (non-prescription), saving us $80.00 per year per dog on heartworm medicine alone (enough to feed our dogs correctly for six months). Learn how to save money, feed, and manage your dog's health care correctly.

Our packet also has extensive information on potty training and crate training. Most of our puppy customers have no potty accidents in the house. We also show you how to train for basic obedience by using all-natural treats that your new puppy cannot resist.

On average, we spend little to nothing annually per dog at our veterinarian, because we have educated ourselves on how properly to care for our dogs. You too can avoid unnecessary expenses. Only if our dogs are injured or become ill will we go to the veterinarian, which rarely happens. Let us educate you on proper nutrition and feeding for your dog.

While it may appear that, we are suggesting that you not utilize the services provided by your veterinarian. This is far from the truth; we are recommending that you educate yourself so that you can work together with your veterinarian in the treatment and health care for your dog.

Shawnee Dog Show time for play Keystone German Shepherds
Keystone German Shepherd playing in the Oklahoma Snow Ice Storm at Keystone German Shepherds
shepherd helping with calving Keystone German Shepherds Keystone German Shepherds playing at the Lake
Taking a break from the Dog Show Champion Chief waiting for his owner after breeding Keystone Geman Shepherds