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Snow fun at Keystone German Shepherds and Kennels

Continued Part3:
This roached back results in a downward tilt of the pelvis and curved spine, which weakens the rear legs and negating a fluid trot. Most all modern imports and European dogs have very short and choppy strides. This short and choppy stride results in very inefficient movement. These dogs would be poor herding dogs and would quickly tire much quicker than shepherds with correct and efficient movement.

Take note of the heads of the many of the modern European and import shepherds. Their skulls are bulbous and unrefined grading into truncated shorter muzzles, whereas our Heidelberg's have the classic Roman nose. Due to the shorter snout, the jaw of many imports was forced to be wider because teeth have not changed in size or number (It is very difficult genetically to change teeth) the jaws and head of imports have become wider to accommodate all the teeth. Notice also the lack of leg bone thickness on many of the import shepherds. Many of these dogs have a petite bone structure, which is undesirable for herding or working dogs. The bones need to be substantial and strong to avoid breakage in the field or while bringing down a criminal. A dog with a broken leg cannot perform its job.

Nature does not make mistakes over the long-term. Compare the structures (body and heads) of the timber wolf to many of the modern import dogs and our American Heidelberg's German shepherds. Compare shapes and angles by examining several pictures of the wolf compared to the import and our dogs. Then examine and compare pictures of our German Shepherd Dogs vs. the import. The difference will become evident in these visual comparisons.

Do not buy into the propaganda that imports are inherently superior to all American lines. This propaganda was started as sales technique to get unsuspecting purchasers to pay more for inferior and sometimes extremely ugly shepherds. If examined and investigated with an open and intelligent mind, you will come to the conclusion that our Heidelberg German Shepherd Dogs are superior in temperament, structure, and natural beauty than most all other lines and types of shepherds whether European, imported, or American.

What is beautiful?  Researchers have attempted to define beauty. The overwhelming consensus in defining what is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye was found to be in Form and Function, Balance, and Symmetry of the object considered. The Heidelberg shepherd meets these definitions of beauty. Few scenes in life are as invigorating and stimulating as watching a Heidelberg German Shepherd Dog running in a flying trot across an open grassy field.

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